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Western Drought Map - August 2014

Western Drought Map – August 2014


Introducing the Landscape Architect’s Guide to Portland, Oregon

Interesting approach to urban design in Portland, OR


portland Pioneer Courthouse Square / Kenneth Helphand, FASLA

Portland, Oregon, is more than a trendy place to visit—it has long been ahead of the curve on urban design and sustainability, thanks to smart leadership and a willingness to experiment and innovate. The Landscape Architect’s Guide to Portland, a project by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), explains Portland’s cutting-edge approach to sustainable urban design.

The guide provides both Portlanders and the millions of tourists who visit Portland annually a deeper understanding of why Portland is one of the most livable and sustainable cities in the world. The guide is also meant to educate city leaders, urban planners, and designers across the U.S. and around the globe.

According to Mark A. Focht, FASLA, president of ASLA and first deputy commissioner of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, Portland’s landscape architects have played a crucial role in making the city a better place…

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Environmentalists Fractured On Fracking

WUIS - My Source for News

Illinois environmentalists are divided on the drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing  commonly known as “fracking.”  Some big name groups negotiated regulations that have already been hailed as a possible national model.  But other advocates say only an outright ban will do.

Deep underground in southeastern Illinois lies the New Albany Shale … potentially laced with riches in the form of natural gas.

Hydraulic fracturing uses a mixture of chemicals and a LOT of water to “fracture” the rock.

The Illinois chapter of the Sierra Club says it’s already legal here  –

and without regulation. That’s why it agreed to a deal with business leaders on legislation it says would strictly control fracking.

Others say that was a sell-out.


“The problems is so much of the focus went to that and trying to compromise with the industry people, they gave up half a loaf before they even started the fight.”

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