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Environmentalists Fractured On Fracking

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Illinois environmentalists are divided on the drilling technique of hydraulic fracturing  commonly known as “fracking.”  Some big name groups negotiated regulations that have already been hailed as a possible national model.  But other advocates say only an outright ban will do.

Deep underground in southeastern Illinois lies the New Albany Shale … potentially laced with riches in the form of natural gas.

Hydraulic fracturing uses a mixture of chemicals and a LOT of water to “fracture” the rock.

The Illinois chapter of the Sierra Club says it’s already legal here  –

and without regulation. That’s why it agreed to a deal with business leaders on legislation it says would strictly control fracking.

Others say that was a sell-out.


“The problems is so much of the focus went to that and trying to compromise with the industry people, they gave up half a loaf before they even started the fight.”

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